Oddities Clearence

Do you have a Shed, Barn, Garage or Warehouse in the home countys or in the UK needing cleared of all furniture or any Oddities

Wde are UK Garage gold furniture clearance or any oddities  We have been emptying and clearing houses across the whole of  the uk since 2005. All we do is house clearance in London. We are a reputal freindly run professional business used by solicitors, estate agents and private individuals like yourself.

We have been clearing houses in London for many many years

  • You want a house clearance company that will not mess you around and will turn up on the day no matter what.
  • You want a house clearance company that gives you a price and sticks to it.
  • You want a house clearance company that is fully registered and insured.
  • You want a house clearance company that will clear everything.

All of us at Abacus House Clearance London Co are totally professional, discreet, licensed, insured and accountable. (We are members of the UK House Clearance Association)

You do not want undesirables turning up on the doorstep who have no respect for you or the items they are clearing – remember you get what you pay for!

The Abacus House Clearance London Co treat each clearance with discretion and respect as we know sentimentality and memories are attached to items in a property. We also know how emotional a house clearance can be.

Our House Clearance London service is for you!

And is as easy as 1,2 & 3

  1. You call Abacus House Clearance London now on 0800 0352 653 and we give you a quick free quote over the phone. If you are happy with our quote then all you have to do is book a date & time for the house clearance to take place that is convenient to you.
  2. We turn up on the date & time agreed to commence the house clearance. We can usually complete a 3 bedroom house clearance in just a few hours.

When the house clearance is complete we will give you an invoice for your records